About Ron McCranie

As a seasoned Digital Strategist, Ron possesses a rich blend of expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, and user experience. With a track record of spearheading UX innovations for several large-scale e-commerce sites, generating over 500 million dollars in annual sales, he is a driving force in customer retention, average order value, and conversion rate optimization.

Ron began his academic journey in Theatre Performance, an unlikely but enriching foundation that honed his skills in storytelling and presentation. A turn towards technology led him back to the classroom in his late 20s, earning a Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development in 2013.

With comprehensive know-how in Salesforce Commerce Cloud architecture and whole-store management, Ron is fluent in both the design and development vernacular. His acumen in logical thinking, strategy formulation, and consensus building has made him an indispensable asset in any project or leadership role he undertakes.

What sets Ron apart is his polymathic career path. With a decade of experience in Finance and over 12 years in the digital commerce ecosystem, his well-rounded perspective has served as a cornerstone in his roles. His career goals are continuously evolving, with a current focus on customer experience personalization—aiming to understand each customer on a unique, one-to-one basis.

He lives by the mottos "Always Learning, Always Growing," a quote of his own, and Walt Whitman's "Be curious, not judgmental." Both philosophies embody his approach to professional development and innovation.

When he's not immersed in the digital world, Ron enjoys his former life as a professional drummer, indulges in the fine arts of wine and Bourbon appreciation, and commits time to training his dogs. In an alternate universe, he'd be a professional dog trainer, but for now, he's eager to bring you in on a secret—he's launching his own Bourbon brand, with details soon to be unveiled.

Ron is more than just a Digital Strategist; he's a pragmatic thought leader and a multidisciplinary expert in all things digital.